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A variety of pink fabrics combined to create a truly one-of-a-kind gridded flower garden, set in a shimmering grass-green background fabric. Each flower is a separate hexagon, and the finished table topper has that same shape; these hexagonal mats look stunning on circular tables, but are scaled to fit on rectangular or oval shapes as well. The finished mat is approximately 24" side-to-side, 27" point-to-point.

Pink Inflorescence table topper

  • Made from the highest quality materials in my (dog friendly) Connecticut home studio. Cotton fabrics and threads, inner batting 100% cotton with thin polymer scrim.

  • Table runners are meant to be used and can safely be machine washed and tumble dried. Like any quilted item, they will crinkle a bit after the first washing; sometimes I run a quick iron over a runner after I wash it, but that's not strictly necessary.

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