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This set of six placemats is pieced using an original pattern; three different red prints give the central hexagon a slightly three-dimensional look, surrounded by a linked ring of "fussy cut" motifs in traditional holiday colors with a faint hint of gold. These placemats look spectacular arrayed as individual place settings around a holiday table, or they honeycomb beautifully across a sideboard or buffet for presenting your favorite holiday decor. Each is individually pieced in rich traditional holiday shades, with faint shimmers of gold throughout the selection of fabrics.

Holiday Hex placemats (6)

  • Made from the highest quality materials in my (dog friendly) Connecticut home studio. Cotton fabrics and threads, inner batting 100% cotton with thin polymer scrim.

  • Placemats are meant to be used and can safely be machine washed and tumble dried. Like any quilted item, they will crinkle a bit after the first washing; sometimes I run a quick iron over my placemats after I wash them, but that's not strictly necessary.

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