This listing is for a custom embroidered mask with “Please scream inside your heart” text in a simple script font on the right cheek panel, and an anatomical heart outline on the left cheek panel. You can choose a fabric color in the Fabric Request text box; I have near-solid fabrics in nearly every color, but the exact print may vary. I will choose embroidery threads in colors that contrast well for legibility.

This style of mask is more fitted than the basic surgical-style mask. It is sewn from two layers of high-quality 100% cotton fabric (and the outer layer has interfacing fused onto the back to provide a more substantial base for the embroidery), with a pocket in the lining that makes it easy to insert a filter for better protection against small particles. This style also features a stitched-in aluminum strip that can be fitted around the bridge of the nose for a better seal (especially nice for those of us who wear eyeglasses). At this time, I only make this style in a single size; it fits most teens and adults, and older kids are wearing them comfortably as well. This embroidered mask comes with a sewn fabric tie that fits behind the neck and ties on the top of the head.

Price is for ONE mask and includes (domestic) USPS shipping -- if you prefer curbside pickup just let me know. The Post Office is working in overdrive and packages have been taking as long as a week to arrive.

NOTE: The CDC does NOT recommend the use of a mask for children under two years of age. Remember that cotton masks on their own are absolutely NOT effective barriers against Coronavirus -- they are not intended to keep YOU safe, but to keep OTHER people safe from YOU since we know now that many cases are completely asymptomatic but remain contagious during the incubation period (before symptoms appear). Cotton masks provide droplet barriers in low-risk contact situations, and they serve as pretty effective reminders to keep your hands off your face.

Embroidered Filter-Pocket Mask - Scream

    1. Wearing a mask does NOT replace social distancing. STAY HOME. Masks are only for essential work or errands like groceries. Otherwise STAY HOME.
    2. A cloth mask will not prevent virus particles from going through, but it can prevent you from expelling liquid droplets that may be contagious to others. Since we know cases may be asymptomatic or mild, this will help decrease spread. However, to protect yourself you still need at least 6 feet or more during essential outings, frequent hand washing, and no face touching.
    3. Do not touch mask while you are wearing it. It negates the use of it. If you do, wash your hands before touching anything else.
    4. Remove your mask as soon as you are home and wash it after every use. Wash your hands before touching anything else.
    5. Children under 2 should not wear a face mask. This is not safe for them per CDC.
    6. Remember that masks do not replace social distancing. STAY HOME. Refer to Rule #1.

New Britain, Connecticut