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non-medical masks

​Since last March, I have donated nearly 2000 masks to healthcare professionals and institutions that need them, and I have sewn custom masks to order for many more of you. As the new year brings new challenges and the pressing need for masks has lessened (but not disappeared), I find myself unable to continue making masks to order. I will continue making occasional donations to local community groups with ongoing need, such as domestic violence shelters. In addition, I will still be offering unique options of ready-to-ship masks here as I sort through my fabric reserves and unearth hidden treasures. If there's a special fabric that you're looking for, feel free to email and ask, but there might be a lengthy delay in getting it sewn. IF YOU WORK WITH A COMMUNITY THAT NEEDS MASKS, PLEASE EMAIL ME  -- WE KNOW THAT MASKS HELP SLOW THE SPREAD OF THE CORONAVIRUS.

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